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Date: 3rd July 2022

 How would a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)
    benefit a multi site organisation?

Private WAN’s delivers secure, private point-to-point connections for the organisations looking for a superior, cost-effective alternative to frame relay. Remote offices and workers are securely connected as if in the same physical office on the same LAN.

The PWAN will allow an organisation to create simple multi layered network, which gives the same functionality as a local network (LAN), but spread over multiple geographic locations.
Benefits of Connecting multi sites offices through a PWAN:

  • Reduces your support & maintenance costs no firewalls or VPN clients required within the PWAN.
  • Data is exchanged between sites at a higher speed.
  • Documents can be accessed as quickly as if on a Local Area Network.
  • Allows reduction of storage space and improves consistency of documents.
  • No longer the need to regularly distribute documents by email. Document changes are saved centrally and access given to everyone.
  • Support is quicker and easier. Management and upgrading is done centrally, there are no complex configurations for remote users to understand and no additional software required on PCs.
  • Your network is completely secure. There is no contact with external networks thus your network is completely safe from hackers.
  • Servers can be hosted within the PWAN solution to give you unlimited storage at the Allcomm data centre. Allcomm offers Co-location and managed server options.


For members of our partner programme we are happy to provide pre-sales advice, free consultancy for end users (under our partner’s banner if preferred) and any additional help required with constructing quotes.

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Increase revenue from existing customer bases by reselling
    or white labelling internet connectivity.

If you are an IT solution provider with a base of loyal customers or users there may be an opportunity for you to increase revenue by reselling internet connectivity. Many IT organisations simply recommend an ISP or resell internet connectivity for little or no commission. This is a wasted opportunity.

Allcomm provides partners with ADSL and ADSL2+ connections, with speeds up to 8Mb (dependent upon the quality of the line) that can be chosen with a variety of transfer allowances.  SDSL is also available for those needing symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Partners can chose to either a “white label” system of purchasing and supporting connectivity -allowing them to band the connectivity themselves and set choose their own end user pricing structure – or simply resell our connectivity and claim a standard commission figure.

For those partners with large customer bases the use of L2TP (Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol) broadband services allows our Partners to bulk deliver connectivity by being set up as a  Virtual ISP (i.e. not having to invest in their own physical network) or as part of a PWAN (Private Wide Area Network) solution.

When utilising L2TP services as a Virtual ISP solution partners are not only able to offer wholesale connectivity but are also able to easily set up and manage their DSL customers by creating, retaining and managing usernames and passwords. As with white labelling partner are then able to set their own pricing structure thus maximising revenue.

For more information on reselling internet connectivity contact Matt Newton or Wayne Barber on 0845 850 6106.

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Cost of Hosting tumbling...

Investment in managed data centres is expected to rise significantly over the next year, it has been claimed.

Some £850 million will be spent on data warehousing in 2008-09, a £50 million increase on the previous year.

According to conference organiser Datacenter Dynamics, investment in refitting of data centres during the same period is estimated to be £400 million, signifying continued market resilience.

All this increased investment is good news for those looking to host servers at the most competitive rates.

Increased investment in more independent data centres outside of London has brought increase competition and therefore a more competitive pricing structure within the industry.

New data centres such as Allcomm which was re-launched in 2008 after a site move allows end users to host individual servers from as little as £45 per month or full cabinets for £450.00, all of which is good news for organisations looking to embrace the flexibility and cost saving going down the hosted route provides.

While earlier this week, Lord Hunt, minister for sustainable development and energy innovation, welcomed a new European Union code of conduct for managed data centres, saying that by signing up to these new regulations, companies can save energy and money.

For more information on the co-location and dedicated server hosting services available through Allcomms data centre contact Matt Newton on 0845 850 6106

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How would a private wide area network benefit a multi site organisation

Increase Revenue from exisiting customer bases by reselling or white labelling internet connectivity

Cost of hosting tumbling...


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